Through practice-oriented support for individual companies, our products are continuously developed and the processes adapted and optimized. Flat filter elements from PROJECT GREEN for regenerative filter systems (Pulse Clean) in dedusting systems set new standards in filtration behavior. They are available in lengths of up to 1600 mm and a filter area of up to 20 m². The filter plates manufactured according to customer requirements can be used for installation on the raw or clean gas side.

"PUREPCT" flat filter elements

Advantages of flat filter elements

  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • Compact and flat – little space required
  • large filter surface – high dust holding capacity
  • Rigid body construction – efficient dedusting
  • Venturi-shaped head shape, separate, large-volume flow channels – optimal cleaning with jet pulse
  • low differential pressure – low energy consumption
  • above-average service life – low maintenance costs
  • easy exchange (handily and without changing the cage)

In contrast to round cartridges, the flanks of the folds do not move towards each other during cleaning,

resulting in an improvement in this process.

filter media

  • The following materials are available:

    • Self-stable needle felts
    • Standard filter fleece
    • Special designs and properties: PTFE membrane, antistatic or flame retardant, water and oil repellent, microporous coating
    • IFA-Classes L, M, H
    • Filter class according to DIN EN 779 for coarse and fine dust
    • Filter class according to EN 1882-1 up to H13

    antistatic or flame retardant, water and oil repellent, microporous coating


For our flat filter elements, we offer various accessories for installation and cleaning:

  • venturi nozzles
  • seals, etc. made of EPDM foam rubber and silicone foam
  • cable lugs and earthing wires
  • Support baskets for filter hoses and bags

Filter elements play a key role in industrial dedusting. Since dust can be very different, each application is associated with specific dust properties and dust loads, which filter systems and filter elements must be able to cope with.

Excellent service at all times is a matter of course for us. We offer you everything, from competent advice, to the design and construction of the filter system, to high-quality filter elements.

We would be happy to advise you on your next step. Feel free to contact us.

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